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  5. Augenblick: Movement Orgy
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Augenblick: Dante’s Inferno past

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"...paralleled symphonic theatrical dimensions, fluctuating from rushed graphic realities to suspended altered states. Where the line between audience and performer dissolves in the 'blick' of an eye."

Fri, Jun 7 – Sat, Jun 8, 2002

Union Square, southwest subway entrance


Journey through the 9 Circles of Hell (starting at Union Square) or go straight to Hell (at 12-turn-13)

  • PERFORMANCES by A.N.T.H.E.L.I.O.N. Fire Performers, Arturo, Cin-thi-a, Dorian Orange, Susanna Goferman, Jonathan Goldstein, Joe Grossman, Elaine Ho, John Sullivan Productions, Loki Kevorkian, David Mack, Cathryn Mazer, Raymond Medina, Monks from Hell, Mr. Impossible, Ms. Scarlet & Colin's Interactive Body Art, Rain Bode, Trashworship, Kent Wood, Ricardo Miranda Zuniga