channeling creativity.

Steve Rogenstein founded theARTcorps in 2003 as a multilayered platform to stay connected with the arts, culture, design, and creativity. In 2011, its branding and marketing arm was launched, thus fusing personal passions with professional life with
12-turn-13, his underground venue. Steve has unwittingly become an “expert” in spreading arts appreciation to young professionals, having developed marketing plans with that very focus as well as having spoken at several conferences on that topic and more.
If theARTcorps does not possess the required expertise to meet a client’s particular needs, our top-notch, innovative collaborators do. Graphic designers. Market researchers. 3D animators. iApp developers. Web programmers. Fundraising strategists. Publicists. Interactive kiosk designers. Illustrators. Typographers. Set designers. You name it; we'll find it.
theARTcorps is currently seeking a marketing/project management intern. Please submit résumé and cover email to jobs [at] theARTcorps [dot] com.
AAM Conference footage
  • “Catch The Buzz” (Boston, 2006)
  • AUDIO: MP3